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10 December 2015

Proposal to extend the frequency of inspections to within seven years

The Minister for Education and Skills, Huw Lewis, is proposing a change to regulations to allow Estyn to inspect schools and other providers at least once every seven years, instead of once every Read more >

17 November 2015

Leadership standards should feature more strongly in headteachers’ performance reviews

This report finds that the national leadership standards are not used widely enough as part of headteachers’ performance management. Read more >

22 October 2015

More needs to be done to help disabled and Black and Minority Ethnic learners into apprenticeships

Disabled learners and those from black and minority ethnic groups (BME) often face many barriers to accessing apprenticeships, but a number of work-based learning providers, employers and external agencies have put in place initiatives to help overcome these obstacles. Read more >

01 October 2015

Colleges need to use observation of teaching and learning more effectively to improve learners’ standards

Lesson observation works best in colleges that have a clear vision and strategy for the delivery of teaching and learning to a consistently high quality, as well as having a strong culture of self-evaluation and self-improvement. Observation helps to share effective practice among staff and with other colleges, develop innovative ways of teaching, and is a means to evaluate the quality of learning. Read more >

30 September 2015

Consultation on how Estyn inspects

Estyn seeks views on how it inspects education and training in Wales Read more >

23 June 2015

Schools working together should focus on pupil outcomes

Nearly all schools are involved in some form of partnership with other schools, but there is not enough evaluation of the impact on pupils of this joint work, according to an Estyn report published today. Read more >

18 June 2015

Provision for pupils receiving education other than at school needs better co-ordination

Provision for pupils at risk of exclusion or disengagement is most effective where local authorities, schools and pupil referral units (PRUs) work together to meet the needs of these pupils so they remain in full-time education. Read more >

17 June 2015

The key to improving attendance in primary schools lies in a multi-strategy approach

Primary schools that maintain or improve pupils’ attendance pay consistent attention to it and use a variety of strategies rather than just one particular approach. In a report published today, Estyn highlights the various strategies employed by schools that have successfully tackled poor attendance. Read more >

11 June 2015

Schools need to develop the leadership skills of staff at all levels

In successful schools, staff at all levels show strong leadership behaviours. These schools develop the leadership skills of all their staff, from classroom practitioners to senior leaders. A strong learning ethos, leadership development and succession planning are integral parts of the professional development culture in these schools. Read more >

01 June 2015

Estyn welcomes new Chief Inspector

Meilyr Rowlands has taken up the role of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales. Read more >