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12 July 2018

Schools need a clear vision for the new digital competence framework

Schools leaders need to develop a clear vision about how best to prepare for the new digital skills framework being introduced as part of curriculum changes, according to Estyn, the education and training inspectorate. In schools that are preparing well, leaders put their vision into practice by involving all staff and fostering positive attitudes towards the digital competence framework. Read more >

28 June 2018

Improving teaching is the key to raising standards in schools

Schools that promote a culture of trust where teachers can learn from each other are the most successful at improving the quality of their teaching. These schools are moving away from making judgements of individual lessons. Instead, they encourage their staff to seek constructive advice from one another and to share what effective teaching looks like with their colleagues. Read more >

12 June 2018

Pupils have a positive attitude towards religious education lessons

Many pupils in primary and secondary schools have a positive attitude towards religious education lessons, according to a report published today by Estyn. Many pupils actively participate in discussions during religious education lessons. These lessons contribute towards them becoming ethical and informed citizens of Wales. Read more >

07 June 2018

Chief Inspector welcomes enhanced role for Estyn in independent review

The Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales has welcomed a report that recognises the vital role that Estyn plays in enhancing the learning of young people in Wales. In an independent review of Estyn’s role and responsibilities, Professor Graham Donaldson has made proposals designed to allow school inspection work to contribute directly and constructively to the ambitious education reforms currently underway in Wales. Read more >

06 June 2018

Parental involvement with schools helps pupils achieve

Schools should explore the most effective ways to communicate with parents so they can be better involved in their child’s education, according to a report published today by Estyn. While many schools are embracing a growing range of ways to help break down barriers between school and home, such as using digital apps, only a few schools actively consult with parents about which types of communication they prefer. Read more >

17 May 2018

Effective teaching is at the heart of curriculum reform, says Estyn

Estyn has today highlighted how a selection of primary schools from across Wales are leading the way in developing an innovative curriculum in response to the national reform agenda. Leaders in these schools understand the importance of sharing what effective teaching looks like and are supporting staff to be more confident in trying out new ways of teaching and inspiring pupils. Read more >

09 May 2018

Pupils’ good Welsh language skills support ambition for bilingual nation

Standards of Welsh in Welsh-medium and bilingual primary and secondary schools are good overall according to a report published today by Estyn. Pupils in these schools speak, read and write well in Welsh and many are confident using their language skills in different contexts across the curriculum. Read more >

29 March 2018

The management of school moves for disengaged pupils needs strengthening

Pupils at risk of disengagement or exclusion who seek a fresh start at a new school have a better experience when the school, local authority and family work closely together at an early stage. In the most successful examples, schools overcome potential barriers to managing the transfer of a pupil from one school to another by involving all parties in carefully planning the move. Read more >

22 March 2018

Strong leadership and high expectations helps nurture and challenge pupils who are more able and talented

In schools where more able and talented pupils achieve well, pupils make informed choices about how and what they learn, says a thematic report published today by Estyn. In these primary and secondary schools, leaders ensure that the school meets the needs of all pupils and involves all staff and parents. Read more >

24 January 2018

Shift towards culture of self-improvement in Welsh education

The biggest trend in Welsh education over the last seven years has been the move towards a culture of self-improvement, according to the Chief Inspector’s Annual Report published today. Schools and other education and training providers increasingly take ownership of their own improvement and share expertise and best practice with each other. Read more >