Welsh in key stage 2 and key stage 3 in Welsh-medium or bilingual schools


Our new report looks at standards of Welsh in Welsh-medium and bilingual primary and secondary schools.
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Questions for schools to consider as part of their self-evaluation

As a starting point for reviewing current practice in Welsh, schools are able to use the following questions as part of their self-evaluation


1. Do pupils make the best possible progress in Welsh?
2. Does pupils’ attainment in Welsh compare favourably with the attainment of those in similar schools?
3. Do pupils continue to develop their Welsh language skills when transferring between different key stages?
4. Do pupils show positive attitudes and enjoyment when learning Welsh?


5. Do curriculum organisation and time allocation allow pupils to make and maintain good progress in Welsh?
6. Do we plan learning activities so that they reinforce pupils’ language skills?
7. What is the quality of teaching? Do we place enough emphasis on oracy? Are our teachers good language models?
8. Is there continuity between and across key stages in terms of pupils’ experiences in Welsh?
9. Are pupils given sufficient opportunities to develop their use of the Welsh language in a range of situations outside Welsh lessons?


10. Does the school’s ethos promote the Welsh language and culture and positive attitudes towards them well enough?
11. Do we have an accurate picture of what needs to be done to improve outcomes and provision in Welsh?
12. Are there enough staff who are able to teach Welsh effectively? Are our teachers qualified to teach Welsh?
13. Do we provide good quality support / professional learning for non-specialist Welsh teachers and other staff at the school?
14. Do we work well in partnership with other providers?
15. What is the quality of the collaboration between primary schools and pre-school groups, and between secondary schools and partner primary schools, to ensure consistency, continuity and progression in terms of Welsh language skills?
16. Do we take advantage of opportunities that are provided by other bodies and organisations?