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The impact of teacher absence - September 2013

This report examines ‘the impact on learner progress of schools' strategies to cover the absence of teachers and the effective and efficient employment, training and deployment of supply teachers’. The report includes case studies that highlight common approaches to the management of teacher absence. This report has been written in collaboration with the Wales Audit Office. The Wales Audit Office report produced is about the efficiency and value for money of human resource arrangements to reduce and cover teacher absence at school and local authority level. This Estyn report focuses on the impact of teacher absence on learners and on classroom provision and on how schools manage the impact of teacher absence. Read more >

The impact of teacher absence - Training Material

This PowerPoint is a way for providers to share the main findings of the report and review their own performance in a particular thematic area. The presentations summarise the report and include questions which providers can consider when looking to improve. Read more >

The impact of workforce remodelling on pupils' learning and raising standards - March 2007

Tags: Planning

Workforce remodelling has had a considerable positive impact on schools. Teachers now have more time to undertake planning and assessment activities and there are more support staff in schools, which frees up teachers’ time for other activities. Where teaching has improved, pupils’ behaviour and attainment has also improved. However, in some schools the increase in support staff has put a senior teachers and headteachers. Almost 20% of schools feel that the remodelling agenda has had no positive impact on standards. Read more >