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Higher Apprenticeships in work-based learning

This report examines standards, provision and leadership and management in higher apprenticeship programmes in the work-based learning sector across Wales. Read more >

The Skills Framework at key stage 2 - July 2011

Few schools use the Skills Framework to plan their curriculum; they plan subjects separately and then identify opportunities to develop pupils’ skills. Tracking skills was one of the weakest aspects in the schools we visited. Teachers were often not aware of pupils’ prior achievements, and as a result pupils did not make enough progress. In addition, local authorities do not always co-ordinate opportunities for schools to share their good practice. Read more >

Wider choice and the learning core: progress in implementing a wider option choice and the learning core for 14-19 learners - August 2010

A wider choice and range of courses for learners aged 14-19 has helped to improve attainment and motivation in schools. There is an increasing number of courses for learners to choose from, and there is much more collaboration between providers. However, there is too much variation in the range and number of courses on offer to learners in different areas. Too many courses have a limited viability, either because they only attract a small number of learners, or because the same provision is already available within the same area. Read more >

Effective strategies for learners to achieve key skills within qualification frameworks - June 2008

Tags: Key skills

Since May 2006, there has been a significant improvement in the number of learners who complete key skills qualifications. However, in recent years, key skills requirements for qualifications frameworks have changed so that they are not as demanding as they were previously. In addition, providers have put in place effective strategies to improve the quality, delivery, and attainment of key skills and qualifications frameworks. Other factors, such as the way supporting evidence is collected, have contributed to this increase in attainment. All providers have taken part in training events to improve their understanding and expertise in key skills. This training has also helped to share good practice. Read more >