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Pupil deprivation - May 2014

The purpose of this report is to summarise the main messages from Estyn reports on tackling poverty and disadvantage in schools. Between 2007 and 2009, Estyn published three reports that evaluated the way schools were using RAISE funding. This was followed in 2010 with a report that identified examples of effective practice and made suggestions about further action that might be taken to improve the performance of disadvantaged learners. Since 2011, Estyn has produced a series of three related reports on the topic, with the latest being published in December 2013. These later three reports contained many case studies that can provide schools with useful information about successful practices. Read more >

Working together to tackle the impact of poverty on educational achievement - December 2013

This report is the third in a series produced in response to a request for advice from the Welsh Government in the Minister’s annual remit letters to Estyn over the past three years. These reports look at how schools and local authorities in Wales are tackling child poverty and disadvantage to improve learners’ achievement and wellbeing. Read more >

Working together to tackle the impact of poverty on educational achievement - Training Material

This PowerPoint is a way for providers to share the main findings of the report and review their own performance in a particular thematic area. The presentations summarise the report and include questions which providers can consider when looking to improve. Read more >

Effective practice in tackling poverty and disadvantage in schools - November 2012

This report is a good practice guide to help schools tackle the impact of poverty and disadvantage. The report outlines a series of recommendations and showcases best practice case studies. Headteachers, teachers, local authority education officers and the Welsh Government are encouraged to read the report and use the findings and recommendations to drive improvement. Read more >

The impact of deprivation on learners attainment in further education and work-based learning - July 2011

Further education colleges and work-based learning providers provide good care, support and guidance to learners from deprived areas, but need to make sure that these learners are achieving their potential. Only a small number of colleges and work-based learning providers compare the achievements of learners from deprived areas, or those receiving financial support, with the performance of other learners. They make too little use of data on enrolment to analyse whether they are offering the right courses to attract learners from deprived areas. Read more >

Tackling poverty and disadvantage in schools: working with the community and other services - July 2011

Schools need to get better at identifying and supporting learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. They need to target support at disadvantaged learners more specifically, not just low performing learners, including those pupils who achieve average or above average standards. The few schools that have raised the achievement of their disadvantaged learners have done so through effective skills-based teaching and activities that targeted support for individual learners, such as mentoring or help with basic skills. Read more >