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Youth Support Services in Wales

This report is in response to a request in the Cabinet Secretary’s annual remit letter to Estyn for 2017-2018, in which the Welsh Government asked Estyn to undertake a survey of services for young people in Wales. It also forms part of wider thematic work undertaken jointly by Inspection Wales. Each inspection, audit, and regulatory body in Wales will report on the support being given to young people from different services. Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW) will report on arrangements to support the transition between child and adult services. Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) will focus on the effectiveness of local authority services and arrangements for children who are looked after and care leavers. The Wales Audit Office (WAO) will examine the Welsh Government’s strategic approach to improving the wellbeing of young people aged 16-24 with a view to identifying key lessons for the future. Read more >

Local authority Welsh in Education Strategic Plans

The review considers: the impact of Welsh in Education Strategic Plans (WESPs) on improving planning for Welsh-medium education, the influence that WESPs have had in stimulating and supporting actions to raise standards of Welsh and Welsh second language, and the degree to which the statutory responsibility of local authorities in producing WESPs allows for co-operation with, and support from, regional consortia school improvement services. Read more >

Local authority Welsh in Education Strategic Plans - Training materials

This PowerPoint is a way for providers to share the main findings of the report and review their own performance in a particular thematic area. The presentations summarise the report and include questions which providers can consider when looking to improve. Read more >

Improving schools through regional education consortia - June 2015

The Welsh Government asked Estyn to produce this report for the Minister for Education and Skills in its annual remit. The purpose of this survey is to report on the progress being made by regional education consortia to provide school improvement services. Separately, the Auditor General for Wales asked Wales Audit Office staff to carry out a study on the Welsh Government’s approach to improving schools through regional consortia. Estyn and Wales Audit Office staff carried out fieldwork visits to each regional consortium in partnership and evidence was shared between the two organisations. The fieldwork visits involved interviews with key staff from each consortium and its related local authorities. The survey also involved scrutiny of a wide range of evidence from schools, local authorities, diocesan authorities, regional consortia and the Welsh Government. Read more >