A review of the work of the National Centre for Learning Welsh


This report reviews the initial work and progress of the National Centre for Learning Welsh (the National Centre) in achieving the aims set out in its strategic plan (Gyda’n Gilydd: Y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg – National Centre for Learning Welsh, 2016) and based on the recommendations made in ‘Raising Your Sights: review of Welsh for Adults’ (Welsh Government, 2013).
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The National Centre should:

  • R1 Develop its procedures for holding the providers to account for their performance and their compliance with the national policies
  • R2 Refine its marketing strategies in co-operation with providers to target more potential learners across the various communities of Wales

Providers should:

  • R3 Fully implement policies and practices introduced by the National Centre
  • R4 Improve their understanding of the governance arrangements and policies of the National Centre