Preparing for the Digital Competence Framework (DCF)


This report is written in response to a request for advice from the Welsh Government in the Cabinet Secretary’s annual remit letter to Estyn for 2017-2018. The report focuses on how schools are beginning to ensure that pupils develop their digital competence as set out in Successful Futures (Donaldson, 2015).
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Schools should:

  • R1 Involve all stakeholders in developing a clear vision for the DCF
  • R2 Appoint a digital lead, secure the full support of senior leaders, and monitor developments regularly
  • R3 Audit teachers’ professional learning needs and use this information to plan training, support and guidance over a realistic timeframe
  • R4 Map the DCF across the curriculum and ensure that there are no gaps in provision and sufficient progression and continuity
  • R5 Carry out hardware and network infrastructure audits
  • R6 Ensure that staff collaborate with others to share good practice

Local authorities and regional consortia should:

  • R7 Support all schools to address the above recommendations
  • R8 Monitor how well individual schools are progressing with the realisation of the
  • DCF and challenge limited progress

The Welsh Government should:

  • R9 Communicate clearly to schools the expectations for embedding the DCF, including timescales
  • R10 Ensure that initial teacher education courses provide new teachers with the necessary skills to realise the DCF successfully
  • R11 Improve the audit tool so that it better meets the needs of schools in assessing teachers’ confidence to deliver the DCF