Numeracy for 14 to 19-year-olds - July 2011


In schools where provision for numeracy is good, there is strong leadership. Managers actively drive initiatives to improve numeracy, and they seek extra funding or support to help carry out their work. There is good co-ordination of activities. However, few schools plan to improve their numeracy provision or track learners’ progress well enough to identify where improvements can be made.
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Schools, colleges and work-based learning providers should:

  • ensure that numeracy is planned and delivered in relevant and practical contexts across the curriculum;
  • assess and track the progress of learners’ numeracy skills across the curriculum;
  • train staff to understand how to develop learners’ numeracy skills;
  • monitor and evaluate the impact of strategies to improve learners’ numeracy;
  • provide support and resources in Welsh for Welsh-language learners; and
  • enter learners at an appropriately challenging level for essential skills qualifications.

For a full list of recommendations, please download the report.