Managed moves: Effective use of managed moves by local authorities and schools


Our latest report looks at how schools can overcome barriers to managing pupil moves.
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The Welsh Government should:

  • R1 Provide clear, up-to-date guidance to local authorities, schools and PRUs on the use of managed moves and of PSPs, especially around part-time timetables
  • R2 Strengthen legal protection and protective measures around managed moves to reflect those currently available for pupils that are permanently excluded 
  • R3 Collect and publish managed move and exclusion data at local authority and national level
  • R4 Consider broadening performance measures, particularly at key stage 4, to promote inclusive practice at school and local authority level

Local authorities should:

  • R5 Provide pupils and their families with access to impartial information, advice and guidance prior and during the managed move process
  • R6 Monitor the use and appropriateness of PSPs at school level
  • R7 Collect data on managed moves and use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of PSPs
  • R8 Promote the development and use of school-to-school managed moves protocols wherever possible
  • R9 Ensure that pupils and their families have access to specialist advice and assessments in a timely manner to stabilise home school placements whenever possible

Schools should:

  • R10 Ensure that pupils and their families have access to impartial information, advice and guidance 
  • R11 Review the use of PSPs in light of national and local guidance at an early stage in the process of managed moves
  • R12 Ensure that key information is shared with the receiving school during the initial meeting