The impact of ICT on pupils' learning in primary schools - July 2013


The report evaluates standards in the National Curriculum subject of ‘information and communication technology’ (ICT) and considers the impact of ICT as a key skill on pupils’ learning across the curriculum in primary schools in Wales. In particular, the report considers the impact of ICT on developing literacy and numeracy skills and on closing the poverty gap. This report looks at the subject of ICT and the use of ICT skills across the curriculum. Although pupils often gain initial ICT skills in ICT lessons, in order to be fully competent and proficient, pupils must practise and apply these skills in other subjects and contexts.
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Schools should:

  • develop the full range of pupils’ ICT skills at key stage 2 especially in data-handling, modelling and numeracy;
  • assess and track pupils’ ICT subject knowledge and skills rigorously;
  • plan the introduction of portable technologies;
  • implement and evaluate a development plan to improve standards in ICT; and
  • train teachers so that they are competent to deliver the full range of the IT programme of study in key stage 2

Local authorities and regional consortia should:

  • support schools to improve standards and in all elements of ICT at key stage 2;
  • help secondary schools to plan to meet the needs of pupils who were regular users of tablets in primary schools and find themselves in secondary schools where the use of tablets is less frequent;
  • assist primary and secondary schools to gain a common understanding of standards in ICT;
  • disseminate good practice in ICT in schools;
  • support schools’ safeguarding arrangements while maximising their access to a range of online digital technologies and services; and
  • explain to schools the levels of ICT support that they can expect from the new regional consortia.

The Welsh Government should:

  • review the National Curriculum orders and non-statutory Skills framework for ICT to make sure that they remain relevant in light of new technologies;
  • support the development of Welsh-medium educational applications for portable devices; and
  • provide adequate broadband connectivity for all schools in Wales.