Higher Apprenticeships in work-based learning


This report examines standards, provision and leadership and management in higher apprenticeship programmes in the work-based learning sector across Wales.
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Work-based learning providers should ensure that:

  • R1 All learners complete their qualification framework in a timely manner to improve successful completion rates
  • R2 All learners are on the correct higher apprenticeship programme to reduce the high number of early drop outs
  • R3 All learners have a mentor to support them in the work place
  • R4 Employers provide support for learners to attend workshops and off-the-job training sessions
  • R5 They engage with and recruit new employers to participate in training programmes to reduce the over-reliance on existing employers

The Welsh Government should:

  • R6 Make sure that all providers understand how learners’ existing qualifications can be accredited for essential skills qualifications
  • R7 Match the number of higher apprenticeships in different sector subject areas more closely to demand by employer and the economy of Wales