Choice and flexibility for 14-19 learners - March 2008


The choice of courses available to learners is increasing. The best example is where schools and colleges have planned provision together. However, most learners do not have the flexibility to choose from the full range and type of courses available in their area. Their opportunities depend too much on the courses offered by the providers they attend. Provision at post-16 is more wide-ranging. Nearly all learners can choose courses that enable them to follow their chosen learning pathway.
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Providers should:

  • harmonise their timetables with those of other providers and take account of the gaos in local option menus in planning their provision;
  • provide learners with clear, accurate and unbiased information about the options available to learners; and
  • increase the range of vocational courses available to all learners.

Networks should:

  • ensure that all providers, staff, learners and parents have a clear understanding of Learning Pathways 14-19 and of the options available to learners; and
  • explore ways to gain the full involvement of work-based learning providers.

The Welsh Assembly Government should:

  • develop a communication strategy in order to ensure providers, learners and parents are better informed about the purpose of Learning Pathways 14-19 and of option menus.

For a full list of recommendations, please download the report.