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Improving family engagement to develop pupil wellbeing within the school community

Lansdowne Primary School has successfully increased its parental engagement through workshops, groups, an open door policy and even a coffee shop. This has helped develop effective relationships with pupils’ families and provides early intervention opportunities when issues arise. Read more >

Enabling parents to support their children’s learning

Ysgol Gynradd Talysarn has helped parents to overcome obstacles in supporting their children’s learning. Another project has developed the bilingual skills of pupils and their parents. Read more >

Building effective partnerships to improve learning outcomes and wellbeing

Presteigne Primary School has developed effective partnerships with organisations including the town council, local high school and the Alzheimer’s Society. Read more >

Working with external partners to develop pupils’ skills and talents

At St Mellon’s C.I.W Primary, pupils work with partner organisations like Welsh National Opera to raise pupils’ skills, wellbeing and aspirations. Read more >

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Making families partners in learning

Brackla Primary School makes families a key part of the learning process, leading to improved standards in literacy, numeracy and attendance across the school. Read more >

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Improving wellbeing and standards of attainment

Ysgol Bryn Deva focuses strongly on increasing the life-chances of pupils through improving their wellbeing and standards of attainment – and its programmes are having a positive impact. Read more >

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Building partnerships with families

Family support, care and guidance are a key part of the ethos at Ysgol Maesglas – with a positive impact on attendance, wellbeing and active participation in learning. Read more >

Kitchener attendance

Increasing attendance through better communication with parents

Improved communication with parents has seen pupil attendance at Kitchener Primary School significantly increase over the last three years, and the school now has some of the best attendance rates compared to other primary schools. Read more >

St Helens

Engaging with parents to improve pupil attendance

Through a combination of after-school classes for pupils and wider family engagement, staff at St Helen’s Primary School have reduced pupil absence and created an inclusive learning environment. Read more >

Garnteg partnership working

Working in partnership with parents to raise learner literacy and numeracy

Family learning sessions are run by Garnteg Primary School to increase parental involvement in their children’s learning. This has benefitted the literacy and numeracy of both parents and pupils. Read more >