How did Estyn choose the schools for the inspections?

Every year, we choose a broadly representative sample of schools to inspect. Read more >

What is the place of attendance in the new Common Inspection Framework?

Inspectors will consider attendance mainly in the new Inspection Area 2 (Wellbeing and attitudes to learning). Read more >

If a summary paragraph is used rather than two overall judgements how can leaders, staff, parents easily identify good schools?

The summary paragraph will provide a short summary of the inspection findings. It will provide a clear, balanced indication of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. Read more >

Why have you introduce pre-inspection questionnaires for staff and governors from September 2017? And why are you not publishing the questionnaire outcomes at the end of the report?

We currently have pre-inspection questionnaires for pupils and parents. These guide lines of inquiry for the inspection team during the inspection. Read more >

Is there any change in Estyn’s position regarding inspecting school sixth forms?

Inspections from September 2017 will consider the quality of provision in the sixth form. There is more guidance on this in the secondary school inspection guidance handbook on our website. Read more >