Will the peer inspector on an all-age school inspection be from the primary or secondary sector?

The peer inspector could come from another all-age school, the primary sector, or from the secondary sector. Read more >

Who should be at the final feedback meeting for an all-age school inspection?

It would be up to the school to decide which members of the senior leadership team should attend the feedback meeting, but we would not envisage this involving more than three or four members of the Read more >

How are judgements for all-age school inspections made where there are inconsistencies in the performance of the primary and secondary phases?

The overarching principle is that inspectors will consider the balance of strengths and areas for improvement across all key stages. Read more >

What questionnaires will pupils and parents get in the event of an all-age school inspection?

Pupils in the Foundation Phase do not receive a questionnaire. These pupils give their views when they meet inspectors during the inspection week. Read more >

What is the composition of all-age school inspection teams?

The inspection will be staffed by a team of inspectors that have an appropriate range of skills and experience to inspect an all-age school. Read more >

How many nominees are there on each inspection of an all-age school?

The school can nominate one member of staff to undertake this role, if they wish to have a nominee. Read more >

How long do inspections of all-age schools last?

These inspections will last the same length of time as secondary school inspections. Read more >