How many inspections are there in a year?

We carry out over 400 inspections each year, including around 200 primary and nursery schools and 30 secondary schools. Read more >

Who inspects?

Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) lead inspections in most of the sectors that we inspect. However, about half the inspections of primary schools are led by Registered Inspectors. Read more >

How often does Estyn inspect?

Providers will be inspected at least once in the seven-year period between 2016 and 2023, although the date of their next inspection is not linked to the date of their previous inspection. Read more >

How long does a core inspection last?

On average, our inspection teams will spend between one and five days at the school or provider they are inspecting. Read more >

What happens after a core inspection?

The inspection team will make judgements based on the Common Inspection Framework (CIF). Estyn uses four judgement descriptors. Read more >

How long after a core inspection is the report published?

All school and non-maintained nursery inspection reports are published 45 working days from the first day of inspection. Read more >

Are all inspection reports available in Welsh?

No. Estyn publishes reports in accordance with Estyn's Welsh Language Scheme. Read more >

Will all teachers be observed?

This will depend on the nature and size of the provider being inspected. In a small primary school, it is likely that all teachers will be observed. Read more >

Do teachers have to provide a written lesson plan?

Teachers are not required to produce a lesson plan to give to the inspector visiting the lesson. Read more >

Can teachers attend the parents’ meeting?

Any member of staff, who is also a parent of a child at the school, is welcome to attend the parents’ meeting. Read more >