How many people work for Estyn?

There are over 100 staff, including Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI), secondees and corporate services staff. For more information, see Estyn’s management structure. Read more >

How much are inspectors paid?

Estyn’s pay structure is available here. Read more >

Is inspecting schools and organisations the only type of work that HMIs undertake?

The role of HMI is varied and involves a wide range of work. This includes core inspections, follow-up inspections, a range of inspector training and thematic inspection work. Read more >

How much travelling would be expected of a full time HMI?

The role of HMI requires a significant amount of travel and time away from home. Although Estyn works to minimise travel, HMI are expected to work across Wales. Read more >

Would I be allowed to work in all schools?

The exact role of a HMI depends on their experience. Inspectors who inspect directly in schools must hold Qualified Teacher Status. Most inspectors work across more than one sector. Read more >

Do I have to be a Peer Inspector or Additional Inspector before applying for a HMI post?

You do not need to be a Peer Inspector or an Additional Inspector before applying for a post as HMI. Following appointment, Estyn provides rigorous training and a thorough induction programme. Read more >

How do I apply to become a Peer Inspector (PI)?

We use Peer Inspectors on inspections in nearly all sectors we inspect. Read more >

How do I apply to become an Additional Inspector (AI)?

Additional Inspectors can apply to become an Additional Inspector through a recruitment campaign or by converting from being a Peer Inspector upon retirement from teaching. Read more >

Who inspects?

Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI) lead inspections in most of the sectors that we inspect. However, about half the inspections of primary schools are led by Registered Inspectors. Read more >

What is the difference between an HMI and a Registered Inspector or Registered Nursery Inspector?

An HM Inspector of Education and Training in Wales (HMI) is employed directly by Estyn. Read more >