How many people work for Estyn?

There are over 100 staff, including Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMI), secondees and corporate services staff. For more information, see Estyn’s management structure. Read more >

Who is the Chief Inspector?

Mr Meilyr Rowlands is Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales. Read his biography. Read more >

How much are inspectors paid?

Estyn’s pay structure is available here. Read more >

If appointed as a HMI would I have to relocate to Cardiff?

All HMI have the opportunity to work from home subject to appropriate risk assessment, agreement with their line manager and satisfactory performance reviews. Read more >

Is inspecting schools and organisations the only type of work that HMIs undertake?

The role of HMI is varied and involves a wide range of work. This includes core inspections, follow-up inspections, a range of inspector training and thematic inspection work. Read more >

How much travelling would be expected of a full time HMI?

The role of HMI requires a significant amount of travel and time away from home. Although Estyn works to minimise travel, HMI are expected to work across Wales. Read more >

Would I be allowed to work in all schools?

The exact role of a HMI depends on their experience. Inspectors who inspect directly in schools must hold Qualified Teacher Status. Most inspectors work across more than one sector. Read more >

Do I have to be a Peer Inspector or Additional Inspector before applying for a HMI post?

You do not need to be a Peer Inspector or an Additional Inspector before applying for a post as HMI. Following appointment, Estyn provides rigorous training and a thorough induction programme. Read more >

How do I apply to become a Peer Inspector (PI)?

We use Peer Inspectors on inspections in nearly all sectors we inspect. Read more >

How do I apply to become an Additional Inspector (AI)?

Additional Inspectors can apply to become an Additional Inspector through a recruitment campaign or by converting from being a Peer Inspector upon retirement from teaching. Read more >