Will teachers receive a judgement on their individual lesson?

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No, inspectors will not grade individual lessons. There will be an opportunity for professional dialogue with the inspector at the end of the lesson. Read more >

Is there a ‘checklist’ of things teachers have to do to have their lesson graded as good/excellent?

No, Estyn does not have a checklist for teaching or a preferred methodology. The focus of a lesson observation is the impact of teaching strategies on learner progress. Read more >

What can a school or individual teacher do if they think any inspection judgement is unfair?

Neither the school nor a teacher can challenge judgments simply because they disagree with them. Read more >

How are judgements for all-age school inspections made where there are inconsistencies in the performance of the primary and secondary phases?

The overarching principle is that inspectors will consider the balance of strengths and areas for improvement across all key stages. Read more >

What can a teacher or school do if they think an inspection judgement is unfair or if they have concerns about the conduct of an inspection?

If a teacher has a concern, then they should talk in the first instance to the school’s nominee as soon as possible about the issue as they provide the best link to the inspection team. Read more >

Why do judgements include descriptions such as ‘Adequate - needs to improve’ and ‘Unsatisfactory - needs urgent improvement’?

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We hope that this makes Estyn’s expectations clearer. We expect every school/provider to provide a good quality of education or training every day. Read more >

How can leaders, staff and parents use our reports to easily identify good schools?

The summary paragraph will provide a short summary of the inspection findings. It will provide a clear, balanced indication of the school’s strengths and weaknesses. Read more >