How do I make a complaint about Estyn?

We like to hear your views of our work and how it affects you. Read more >

What do I do if I have a complaint about a school or other education and training provider?

If you have a complaint about a school or other education and training provider you should raise your concerns with the provider in the first instance. Read more >

How do I let Estyn know what I think about my children’s school?

We invite parents to complete a questionnaire before the school’s inspection. Inspectors also hold a brief meeting with parents, usually on the Monday evening at the start of the inspection. Read more >

What can a school or individual teacher do if they think any inspection judgement is unfair?

Neither the school nor a teacher can challenge judgments simply because they disagree with them. Read more >

I am a teacher in a school. It is the middle of an inspection and I have some concerns. What can I do?

In the first instance, talk to your nominee as they provide the best link to the inspection team. The nominee will discuss the matter with the reporting inspector. Read more >

How does Estyn respond to complaints about providers if it has a safeguarding element?

If Estyn receives a complaint relating to an individual child that indicates safeguarding issues, or about a possible abuser, this will be referred immediately to Estyn’s safeguarding officer. Read more >

What does whistle blowing mean?

Whistle-blowing disclosures The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (the Act) was introduced to protect employees who are worried about wrongdoing where they work and want to 'blow the whistle'. Read more >

What questionnaires will pupils and parents get in the event of an all-age school inspection?

Pupils in the Foundation Phase do not receive a questionnaire. These pupils give their views when they meet inspectors during the inspection week. Read more >

Do schools have to log parents’ complaints?

Section 29 of the Education Act 2002 requires the governing bodies of all maintained schools in Wales to establish procedures for dealing with complaints and to publicise such procedures. There is Read more >