22 March 2018

Strong leadership and high expectations helps nurture and challenge pupils who are more able and talented

In schools where more able and talented pupils achieve well, pupils make informed choices about how and what they learn, says a thematic report published today by Estyn. In these primary and secondary schools, leaders ensure that the school meets the needs of all pupils and involves all staff and parents. Read more >

Supporting more able and talented pupils - Training Materials

This PowerPoint is a way for providers to share the main findings of the report and review their own performance in a particular thematic area. The presentations summarise the report and include questions which providers can consider when looking to improve. Read more >

Supporting more able and talented pupils - How best to challenge and nurture more able and talented pupils: Key stages 2 to 4

This report examines standards, provision and leadership in meeting the needs of more able and talented pupils in primary and secondary schools across key stages 2, 3 and 4. Read more >