Play and Active Learning: A toolkit for Foundation Phase practitioners - September 2009

This toolkit offers practical support to practitioners in schools and settings on implementing a play and active approach to learning in the Foundation Phase. It should help practitioners to: raise standards of children’s achievement by considering how well they are currently providing quality play and active learning experiences; identify and celebrate their strengths in providing quality play and active learning experiences; recognise where good quality provision needs to be maintained; identify areas where there is room for improvement; make decisions about how to improve; and promote good practice. Read more >

Listening to the community: How good are providers at finding out the learning needs of adults in their local communities? July 2009

Most providers don’t have consistent procedures in place for gathering the opinions of learners about provision in their local area. In the best examples, learners are involved in curriculum planning at all levels and providers and networks use project funding to identify local learning needs. Read more >

Improving modern foreign languages in secondary schools in Wales - July 2009

More needs to be done to encourage and support pupils to study modern foreign languages in secondary schools throughout Wales. There has been a substantial decrease in the number of pupils choosing to study modern foreign languages for GCSE and a slight decline at A Level. Although standards of achievement are generally good for those that continue to take these courses, the attainment gap between boys and girls is greater than in other subjects, with girls getting much better results on average. Read more >