Archive Inspection Schedule

Download the archive spreadsheet to view the dates of all inspections since 2011.

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Responses to Freedom of Information requests

The Freedom of Information Act gives you the right to access information held by Estyn. For each entry we show the request and any information we provided. Read more >

Changes to inspection arrangements from September 2017

In September 2017, new arrangements for inspecting all schools, independent specialist colleges, pupil referral units and work–based learning providers came into effect. Read more >

Four stages of curriculum development

The curriculum development self-evaluation model below has been developed in consultation with schools, the Welsh Government and regional consortia. Read more >

A new inspection framework for non-maintained nursery settings

The way we inspect non-maintained nursery settings has changed. Read more >

A learning inspectorate: listening, learning and changing together

Consultation on our proposed transition year in 2020-2021 This consultation is the first in a series. Read more >

A Learning Inspectorate - FAQs

In May 2018, an independent review of Estyn’s role in supporting curriculum and education reform made 34 recommendations. The report recognised the strengths of Estyn and the vital role we play in enhancing the learning of young people in Wales. We want to keep our stakeholders up to date as this work develops. These FAQs outline the latest picture. Read more >

A Learning Inspectorate - Independent review of Estyn

HM Chief Inspector of Education, supported by the Cabinet Secretary for Education, commissioned this Review of key aspects of Estyn’s role and operation. Read more >