Pupils and staff at Brynsierfel Primary

Raising standards of wellbeing among pupils and staff

Ysgol Gymraeg Brynsierfel has an effective procedure for tracking and monitoring pupils’ wellbeing on a daily basis. The school holds intervention sessions to promote positive attitudes, enabling pupils to share their concerns, discuss their feelings and improve their self-control skills. Assemblies at the school discuss morals, and there are sessions to promote healthy and positive relationships, as well as classes for parents. A ‘Playground Buddy’ system is also in place to encourage pupils to include all of their peers in activities. Read more >

Children in fancy dress

Assessment for Learning and thinking skills

Gaer Primary School has raised standards for learners by establishing procedures for ‘assessment for learning’. These have had a significant impact in changing the culture in classrooms. Using coloured hats, pupils assess themselves and peers. This process has helped the pupils reinforce their learning by explaining ideas to others. Read more >

20 September 2018

Higher apprenticeship take-up increases, but completion rates vary too much

An increasing number of people in Wales are keen to earn while they learn through higher apprenticeships, but completion rates vary too much across Wales, according to a report published today by Estyn. Inspectors found that the time taken by learners to complete their qualification successfully varies across different work-based learning providers, with a minority of learners taking too long to finish. Read more >

Higher Apprenticeships in work-based learning

This report examines standards, provision and leadership and management in higher apprenticeship programmes in the work-based learning sector across Wales. Read more >