16 July 2018

Schools and colleges respond well to changes in English, Welsh and mathematics GCSEs but their response to the Welsh Baccalaureate has been variable

In general, schools and colleges have responded positively to changes in GCSE English, Welsh and mathematics, but provision for the Welsh Baccalaureate is more variable. Many schools have increased the amount of time devoted to teaching these courses, which has led to a narrower choice of subjects for pupils in key stage 4. Read more >

Preparing for the Digital Competence Framework (DCF)

This report is written in response to a request for advice from the Welsh Government in the Cabinet Secretary’s annual remit letter to Estyn for 2017-2018. The report focuses on how schools are beginning to ensure that pupils develop their digital competence as set out in Successful Futures (Donaldson, 2015). Read more >

12 July 2018

Schools need a clear vision for the new digital competence framework

Schools leaders need to develop a clear vision about how best to prepare for the new digital skills framework being introduced as part of curriculum changes, according to Estyn, the education and training inspectorate. In schools that are preparing well, leaders put their vision into practice by involving all staff and fostering positive attitudes towards the digital competence framework. Read more >


Preparing to implement the new curriculum through involving pupils.

At Mount Pleasant Primary School staff training sessions were used to explore ‘Successful Futures’ creatively, developing literacy, numeracy and digital competence across the curriculum. Pupils participated in cross-cutting learning activities, taking ownership of the direction of learning. All staff and pupils have taken part in creating large displays in the hall, demonstrating the areas they have been developing. As a result of this very effective team spirit, pupils have better opportunities to influence the life and work of the school. Read more >


Creating strong foundations to support learners’ growth

Ysgol Yr Esgob Voluntary Aided Primary School has helped pupils improve their work, take responsibility for their learning, and raise standards through independent learning, regular self-assessment and setting clear learning objectives. Read more >


An inclusive and nurturing environment for all children

Cwm Glas Primary School has focused on developing strong, nurturing and trusting relationships with parents to support their children’s learning needs and wellbeing. Leaders liaise with and support families, hosting nurture training events and family learning sessions. The inclusive and nurturing approach has resulted in all pupils progressing. Read more >