15 October 2018

Schools and other education settings recognised for their excellence

Schools and other providers of education and training in Wales have been recognised by Estyn for their excellence at an awards evening. Staff at these organisations received a certificate and congratulations from Meilyr Rowlands, Chief Inspector and Kirsty Williams, Cabinet Secretary for Education at a ceremony held on 12 October. Read more >

The professional learning continuum: mentoring in initial teacher education

The report is intended for the Welsh Government, providers of initial teacher education (ITE), headteachers and staff in schools, local authorities and regional consortia. The report is intended to provide a base-line study for the reform of ITE in Wales. The report focuses on the development of student teachers’ critical thinking, reflection and evaluation as vital skills for professional learning, the mentor’s role in developing these skills, and how involvement in mentoring in ITE impacts on and relates to professional learning in schools more generally. Read more >

Readiness for additional learning needs reforms

The report examines the extent to which maintained primary and secondary schools, pupil referral units (PRUs), and education otherwise than at school (EOTAS) settings are preparing to meet the demands of the new Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal (Wales) Act 2018 (National Assembly for Wales, 2018). Read more >

09 October 2018

Schools are preparing well for changes in supporting pupils with additional learning needs

Many schools are preparing well for legislative changes to the education of children and young people with additional learning needs even though reform is still at an early stage, according to a report published today by Estyn. Inspectors found that a majority of schools are already focusing more strongly on better understanding the needs of individual pupils by seeking out their views and involving staff, parents and a wide range of agencies. Read more >

boys writing

Local authority creates fully integrated Education and Children’s service

After Denbighshire County Council created a combined Education and Children’s Service, improvements were seen in communication, strategic planning and use of resources. Professionals have been able to better understand pupils’ needs and earlier identify vulnerable young people. The service has also improved learning environments, and support given to individuals and families. Read more >

Pupils playing together while Teacher observes

School develops innovative learning experience for pupils

Cogan Primary School has improved standards and wellbeing throughout the school. Their learning culture has given staff the confidence to share approaches that result in better learning opportunities for pupils. A buddy initiative allows pupils to share their work and discuss their enjoyment for learning. It also provides an efficient source of informal monitoring for teachers. Read more >

Teacher uses sign language with Pupil

School encourages caring and inclusive learning environment

Pupils at Cogan Primary School benefit from a positive learning environment. It helps pupils to feel secure and enhances their learning. The school provides specific help to pupils with hearing difficulties, and encourage pupils and staff to use signing and other visual communication tools on a daily basis. The school celebrates diversity and inclusion by giving pupils the opportunity to learn about different cultures and religions. Read more >