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13 December 2013

Estyn publishes secondary school improvement strategies

All schools in Wales have the potential to improve the education they offer, but different schools may need different strategies, according to Estyn, depending on their stage of development. Read more >

10 December 2013

Tackling poverty is still not a high enough priority for schools

Although many schools are aware of the importance of improving the standards and wellbeing of disadvantaged pupils, addressing poverty is still not a high enough priority for schools across Wales. Read more >

05 December 2013

Children in the Foundation Phase make good progress with learning Welsh in Welsh-medium schools and settings

More than four fifths of children aged 3 to 7 years old are making good progress in learning Welsh as a first language in Welsh-medium schools and non-maintained settings, according to a report published today by Estyn. Read more >

07 October 2013

Secondary schools need to raise standards in mathematics

Mathematics is the lowest performing core subject at key stage 4 in Wales and is proportionately the lowest when compared with the rest of the UK, according to an Estyn report published today. Read more >

04 October 2013

Construction industry training should focus more on labour market needs

Training courses in construction, planning and the built environment need to get better at meeting the demands of today’s Welsh economy in order to benefit learners and local employers. Read more >

17 September 2013

Pupil progress in Wales hampered by teacher absence

Reports issued by Wales Audit Office and Estyn highlight increasing reliance on support and cover staff in the classroom. Read more >

12 July 2013

Standards in pupils' ICT skills good or better in half of primary schools

Today, Estyn, the education and training inspectorate for Wales, publishes ’The impact of ICT on pupils' learning in primary schools’, the first of two reports on surveys of standards in ICT in primary and secondary schools in Wales examines the impact of ICT on pupils’ learning across the primary school curriculum. Read more >

02 July 2013

Learners shape their education experience

Learners in further education institutions and Welsh for adults centres now play a bigger role in influencing decisions about teaching, about the curriculum and about resources. Read more >

20 June 2013

Pupils struggle with basic number skills

Pupils have weak numeracy skills in about two-fifths of primary schools and half of secondary schools that were inspected in 2010-2012, according to Estyn. Read more >

18 June 2013

Standards of religious education in secondary schools improve

More pupils than ever before are taking a GCSE in religious studies and results have risen steadily over the last five years. The number of pupils achieving grades A*-C for the full GCSE is well above the average for other subjects. Read more >