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13 May 2015

Inspectors highlight primary schools’ strengths in the creative arts

Estyn has highlighted a number of primary schools across Wales that are leading the way in the creative arts and whose approaches should be shared and applied more widely. Read more >

12 May 2015

Nursery settings need stronger support for teaching and learning

Early years advisory teachers can make a significant impact on the standards children achieve, but they do not spend enough time modelling good teaching during their visits to settings, according to an Estyn report published today. Inspectors found that a majority of advisory teachers provide more support for management and administration than they do for teaching and learning. Read more >

26 February 2015

Good practice identified in mathematics, but challenges remain for secondary schools

Pupils make good progress in their mathematical reasoning when they are involved in problem solving, according to an Estyn report published today. Pupils involved in regular problem solving activities are able to understand real-life problems better and choose appropriate ways to tackle increasingly complex mathematical problems. Read more >

12 February 2015

Appointment of next Chief Inspector announced

We are very pleased to announce that Meilyr Rowlands HMI will be the next Chief Inspector of Estyn. He will be appointed Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales on June 1st 2015. Read more >

27 January 2015

Chief Inspector reports some improvement in education, but significant challenges remain

The performance of education in Wales is showing some signs of improvement, according to the Chief Inspector’s Annual Report 2013-2014, published today. Attendance rates are improving, whilst the proportion of pupils who are persistently absent is declining. The gap in performance between pupils eligible for free school meals and other pupils is narrowing slightly and the proportion of young people not in education, employment or training declined this year. Read more >

13 January 2015

Improving literacy in secondary schools remains a challenge

Although provision for the development of literacy in key stage 3 remains adequate overall, there has been some progress in implementing the Literacy and Numeracy Framework. Most teachers have an improved awareness of the need to develop pupils’ literacy skills and now include literacy in their subject plans. Many schools offer more opportunities for pupils to produce extended pieces of writing across the curriculum. Read more >

26 November 2014

The take-up of apprenticeships by learners in Wales needs improving

An Estyn survey of the reasons that discourage learners from applying for apprenticeships shows that 25% of work-based learning providers believe that language and cultural issues can be barriers to taking up apprenticeships, especially for black and minority ethnic groups and those with disabilities. Read more >

20 November 2014

Learners benefit from shaping their education

Providers of adult and community learning and work-based learning are doing more to involve their learners in shaping the curriculum, resources and facilities, according to an Estyn report published today. Read more >

19 November 2014

Pupils following at least two GCSEs through Welsh have better Welsh language skills

An Estyn review of ten bilingual schools has found that pupils who follow the highest number of GCSEs through the medium of Welsh in addition to Welsh first language, have the greatest ability to discuss and write in Welsh. Read more >

13 November 2014

Pupils' numeracy skills are still weak in around half of schools

In just under half of primary and secondary schools inspected in 2013-2014, pupils develop good or better numeracy skills and in the remaining schools, pupils’ numerical skills are at best average according to a report published today by Estyn. Read more >