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04 July 2017

Drive to improve education at heart of Estyn review

An independent review of the role of Estyn in supporting education reform has today been announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams and the Chief Inspector, Meilyr Rowlands. Read more >

23 June 2017

Schools should better support pupils in learning how to develop safe, respectful personal relationships

Schools do not allocate enough time or importance to providing learning experiences and support for pupils to develop safe, respectful personal relationships. A report published today by Estyn found that the content and delivery of this area of personal and social education varies too widely in schools across Wales. In particular, schools do not prepare pupils well enough to live in a diverse society, for example by teaching them about forms of violence against women such as female genital mutilation and honour-based violence. Read more >

21 June 2017

Welsh Language national body brings benefits to adult learners

Setting up a National Centre for Learning Welsh to streamline the provision of Welsh language courses for adults across Wales has been successful, according to a report published today by Estyn. Since 2016, the National Centre has helped to provide a clear strategic direction to all centres that provide Welsh language training courses and it has made progress in bringing more consistency in approaches to curriculum development, data collection and assessment. Read more >

16 June 2017

FE colleges must pay more attention to independent living skills for young people with learning difficulties

Most further education (FE) colleges do not focus strongly enough on the independent living skills that young people with learning difficulties and disabilities will need for their future. A report published today by Estyn found that only a few colleges in Wales set realistic and long-term goals for these young people that include developing wider communication and employability skills. Read more >

10 March 2017

Schools and other education settings recognised for their excellence

Schools and other providers of education and training in Wales have been recognised by Estyn for their excellence at an awards evening. Staff at these organisations received a certificate and congratulations from Meilyr Rowlands, Chief Inspector and Kirsty Williams, Cabinet Secretary for Education at an event held on 9 March. Read more >

24 January 2017

Education leaders need to focus on improving teaching and learning

The quality of teaching is the biggest influence on how well learners learn, but it is the weakest aspect of provision across most areas of education in Wales, according to the Chief Inspector’s Annual Report published today. Overall, too few schools help staff to make the best of professional learning opportunities and do not routinely evaluate whether these activities result in improvements for learners. The report recommends that leaders should create better opportunities for teachers to develop their professional skills. Read more >

05 January 2017

Too few primary schools are using guidance that can help them better manage the impact of teacher absence

Only a minority of primary schools are using Welsh Government guidance that can help improve the management of teacher attendance, a report by Estyn has found. While a majority of headteachers surveyed are aware of the guidance on how schools manage staff attendance, only a minority have read and acted on its recommendations. Read more >

07 December 2016

‘Pupil voice’ benefits pupils and helps schools to improve

Schools that give pupils a strong voice and involve them in decision-making have four characteristics in common according to a report published today by Estyn. Read more >

23 November 2016

Adult community learning partnerships show strong commitment to provide learning for hard-to-reach learners

Adult community learning (ACL) partnerships have shown a strong commitment to provide learning for adults in Wales, according to a report published today by Estyn. Read more >

01 November 2016

Estyn seeks views on proposals for changes to inspecting education and training in Wales

A month-long consultation, launched today by Estyn, seeks the views of teachers, senior leaders, policy makers and everyone with an interest in education on proposals for changes to the ways schools Read more >