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05 January 2017

Too few primary schools are using guidance that can help them better manage the impact of teacher absence

Only a minority of primary schools are using Welsh Government guidance that can help improve the management of teacher attendance, a report by Estyn has found. While a majority of headteachers surveyed are aware of the guidance on how schools manage staff attendance, only a minority have read and acted on its recommendations. Read more >

07 December 2016

‘Pupil voice’ benefits pupils and helps schools to improve

Schools that give pupils a strong voice and involve them in decision-making have four characteristics in common according to a report published today by Estyn. Read more >

23 November 2016

Adult community learning partnerships show strong commitment to provide learning for hard-to-reach learners

Adult community learning (ACL) partnerships have shown a strong commitment to provide learning for adults in Wales, according to a report published today by Estyn. Read more >

01 November 2016

Estyn seeks views on proposals for changes to inspecting education and training in Wales

A month-long consultation, launched today by Estyn, seeks the views of teachers, senior leaders, policy makers and everyone with an interest in education on proposals for changes to the ways schools Read more >

27 September 2016

Mixed progress with strategic plans for Welsh-medium education provision.

Some local authorities are not developing or implementing strategic plans for the provision of Welsh-medium education effectively, despite their value as a framework for planning. Read more >

15 September 2016

Leadership is the ‘most significant factor’ in driving primary school improvement

Effective leadership is the most important influence in raising standards, improving teaching and learning, and embedding a culture of self-improvement in primary schools. Read more >

11 July 2016

Teachers encouraged to use more of the assessed language in modern foreign language lessons

Despite continuing improvements in pupil outcomes and in GCSE and A level results, the number of students learning a modern foreign language in Wales continues to fall. Read more >

05 July 2016

Raising the attainment, achievement and aspiration of children who are looked after

Children who are looked after still face barriers to attainment and achievement in learning. Read more >

29 June 2016

Education other than at school offers pupils a second chance, but not a broad enough range of learning experiences

Pupils educated other than at school often miss out on the benefits of a broad curriculum and specialist support - which can have a negative impact on their future education and employment prospects. Read more >

26 February 2016

Most Teach First trainees are highly motivated, but some shortcomings remain

Most Teach First trainees (called ‘participants’) achieve Qualified Teacher Status and many were still in teaching posts two years after starting the programme according to a report published today by Estyn. However, only around a third were still teaching in Wales. Read more >