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04 December 2018

Education begins to improve, but Chief Inspector urges schools to prepare for new curriculum

There are some early signs of improvement in Welsh education this year, according to the Chief Inspector of Education and Training in his Annual Report published today. In primary schools, standards were judged as good or better in eight-in-ten, up from seven-in-ten last year and the proportion judged as excellent has doubled from 4% to 8%. Standards remain good or better in half of secondary schools, the same as last year. Read more >

08 November 2018

Schools and colleges need to better prepare A level students to become independent learners

Schools and colleges need to do more to support young people to become independent learners by developing skills that are key to success at A level, according to a report published today by Estyn. Inspectors found that a majority of students starting A levels lack the skills needed to be self-reliant learners such as undertaking research, making comprehensive notes and managing their time efficiently. Despite this, many learners do make rapid progress in developing strong independent learning skills during their studies, although a few remain too dependent on others for support. Read more >

15 October 2018

Schools and other education settings recognised for their excellence

Schools and other providers of education and training in Wales have been recognised by Estyn for their excellence at an awards evening. Staff at these organisations received a certificate and congratulations from Meilyr Rowlands, Chief Inspector and Kirsty Williams, Cabinet Secretary for Education at a ceremony held on 12 October. Read more >

09 October 2018

Schools are preparing well for changes in supporting pupils with additional learning needs

Many schools are preparing well for legislative changes to the education of children and young people with additional learning needs even though reform is still at an early stage, according to a report published today by Estyn. Inspectors found that a majority of schools are already focusing more strongly on better understanding the needs of individual pupils by seeking out their views and involving staff, parents and a wide range of agencies. Read more >

20 September 2018

Higher apprenticeship take-up increases, but completion rates vary too much

An increasing number of people in Wales are keen to earn while they learn through higher apprenticeships, but completion rates vary too much across Wales, according to a report published today by Estyn. Inspectors found that the time taken by learners to complete their qualification successfully varies across different work-based learning providers, with a minority of learners taking too long to finish. Read more >

12 September 2018

Education and training opportunities need strengthening for young people at risk of offending

Developing the self-esteem, and the communication and social skills of young people trying to stay away from crime is a priority for youth offending teams. In a report published today, Estyn, the education and training inspectorate for Wales, recommends that youth offending teams improve the opportunities these young people have for education and training, as well as getting better at tracking progress in improving their skills and behaviours. Read more >

24 July 2018

Services for young people work best when they focus on young people’s rights and listen to what they say they need

Services to support young people are continuing to deliver their important work, despite a difficult economic climate, cuts to funding and competing strategic priorities. In a report published today, Estyn found that the best youth support services are those based on professional youth work practice. This is where services focus on the rights and individual needs of young people, offering activities in a safe environment where they can create healthy relationships, build new friendships, learn useful skills and gain new experiences. Read more >

16 July 2018

Schools and colleges respond well to changes in English, Welsh and mathematics GCSEs but their response to the Welsh Baccalaureate has been variable

In general, schools and colleges have responded positively to changes in GCSE English, Welsh and mathematics, but provision for the Welsh Baccalaureate is more variable. Many schools have increased the amount of time devoted to teaching these courses, which has led to a narrower choice of subjects for pupils in key stage 4. Read more >

12 July 2018

Schools need a clear vision for the new digital competence framework

Schools leaders need to develop a clear vision about how best to prepare for the new digital skills framework being introduced as part of curriculum changes, according to Estyn, the education and training inspectorate. In schools that are preparing well, leaders put their vision into practice by involving all staff and fostering positive attitudes towards the digital competence framework. Read more >

28 June 2018

Improving teaching is the key to raising standards in schools

Schools that promote a culture of trust where teachers can learn from each other are the most successful at improving the quality of their teaching. These schools are moving away from making judgements of individual lessons. Instead, they encourage their staff to seek constructive advice from one another and to share what effective teaching looks like with their colleagues. Read more >