A new inspection framework for non-maintained nursery settings

The way we inspect non-maintained nursery settings has changed.

Our new approach

Estyn and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) now jointly inspect non-maintained nursery settings. Our new inspection framework has been carefully planned over several years and in consultation with those working in the sector.

By working together even more closely and sharing our resources, there’ll be fewer inspection-related visits for non-maintained nursery settings. Estyn and CIW inspectors will work together to evaluate a setting, with Estyn leading on the quality and standards of education and CIW focusing on childcare.

The changes

Children remain at the heart of our work, but the new arrangements include:

  • One inspection report that covers both standards in education and childcare
  • A revised inspection framework that covers fewer, but broader areas
  • New timescales for the length, frequency and notice period of an inspection

To find out about the inspection of childcare visit https://careinspectorate.wales/