Glossary - v

Definitions of all our inspection terms.

  • Value-added data

    This is a measurement of the amount of improvement that a school has brought about in a pupil over time. It is the relative advantage that a school gives a pupil, after taking into account the pupil’s ability.

  • Value for money

    How effectively and efficiently resources are deployed

  • Values education

    This is the development of pupils’ sense of social responsibility and respect for others.

  • Visual impairment (VI)

    Impairment that can range from mild visual loss to blindness

  • Vocational area

    Vocational areas are those activities and experiences that lead to understandings of and/or skills relevant to a range of (voluntary and paid) work environments.

  • Vocational courses

    Courses which are based on an occupational area. They often include a high level of practical work and direct applications, such as work experience, to the occupations in question.

  • Vocational training

    Where learners are engaged in activities which provide an environment for developing employment related skills and achieving qualifications.