Glossary - u

Definitions of all our inspection terms.

  • Unfilled places

    Places are left unfilled when there are fewer children in an area than there are school places available. Sometimes known as spare, surplus or wasted places.


    The United Nations Children’s Fund

  • Unpaid work

    Unpaid work used to be called community service and is a community-based punishment of the court.
    Offenders may be sentenced to perform unpaid work in the community for between 40 and 300 hours. Most unpaid work projects directly benefit the local community. Examples of unpaid work schemes include rejuvenating run-down areas for the public’s leisure use, decorating village halls and youth clubs or assisting charities in delivering services to those in need. Twenty per cent of the hours can be used for basic skills and employment-related training.
  • UPN

    A Unique Pupil Number is an identifier for use in the educational context during a child's school career only and subject to Data Protection restrictions.