Glossary - r

Definitions of all our inspection terms.


    The RAISE programme, (Raising Attainment and Individual Standards in Education in Wales), a Welsh Government funded programme from 2006 to 2009, targeted disadvantaged pupils to raise their levels of performance. Funding was targeted at schools where 20% or more of those pupils are entitled to free school meals (excluding schools with fewer than 50 pupils) and for learning support for looked-after children.

  • Refugee

    A refugee has been given leave to remain in the UK indefinitely.

  • Regeneration plan

    A regeneration plan aims to promote the long-term development of the local economy though activities which support business growth and improve the skills of local residents.

  • Registration standards

    These are the same as the independent school standards (see above).

  • Re-inspection

    This is a category of follow-up in the post-16 sector. Normally, if at least one of the overall judgements for a post-16 provider is unsatisfactory, Estyn will carry out a re-inspection. If the outcome of a re-inspection is also unsatisfactory, Estyn will make a referral to DfES which may result in funding or contractual interventions.

  • Resettlement

    The processes which allow an offender to settle back into the community on completion of their sentence

  • Residential status

    In order for a learner to meet residency requirements, the following criteria apply:
    •  the learner is an EEA citizen or a citizen of Switzerland; or
    •  the learner is an asylum seeker; or
    •  the learner has refugee status; or
    •  the learner is ‘settled’ in the UK and their passport shows they live in the UK without any immigration control. They also have to show that they are ‘ordinarily’ resident in the UK/EEA for three years before the ESOL course starts and that their main purpose for living in the UK is not for education.
  • ROTL

    Release on Temporary Licence. A specially selected number of offenders are able to leave prison during the day to attend college or work or attend interviews.