Glossary - q

Definitions of all our inspection terms.

  • Qualification framework

    In work-based learning, a qualification framework is the National Vocational Qualification, specified key skills and technical certificates that the occupational sector requires. In work-based learning, to meet the requirements of the Sector Skills Council for each learning sector. Learners must gain one or more key skills qualifications or technical certificates as well as a National Qualification to achieve a full qualification framework.

  • Quality and Effectiveness Framework

    The Welsh Government’s Quality and Effectiveness Framework supports continued improvements in the quality of post-16 learning and is aligned with Estyn’s inspection framework.

  • Quality Improvement Fund

    The Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) was a key element of the Welsh Government's strategy for driving up quality and promoting excellence in the delivery of post-16 learning across Wales. The fund was administered by the then ELWa.