Glossary - h

Definitions of all our inspection terms.

  • Health-related exercise refers to the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes considered to be essential for the promotion of an active lifestyle. In the Wales Curriculum 2008, health-related exercise programmes have been replaced by health, fitness and wellbeing activities across all key stages to reflect an integrated, broader, practical emphasis within each programme of study. Health, fitness and wellbeing activities are non-competitive forms of exercise, such as jogging, circuit work, skipping, swimming and yoga, which are chosen for what they contribute to general health, fitness goals and feelings.

  • Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy

    From April 2003, local authorities and local health boards have been told by the Welsh Government to work together to develop and deliver a Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy for their local area.

  • Healthy School

    A healthy school is one which is following the Welsh Government’s five year Food and Fitness Plan and Appetite for Life Action Plan. These plans outline actions to improve nutrition and physical activity amongst children and young people and help promote healthy living in school.

  • Hearing impairment (HI)

    Impairment that can range from mild hearing loss to profound deafness

  • HMI Prisons

    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons

  • HMI Probation

    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation