Glossary - b

Definitions of all our inspection terms.

  • Basic skills

    The ability to speak, read and write in Welsh or English and to use mathematics at a level needed to function at work and in society.

  • Basic Skills Agency

    The Basic Skills Agency (Wales), which has merged with the Welsh Government, implements the National Basic Skills Strategy for Wales.

  • Basic Skills Cymru

    The Welsh Government strategy to help children and adults in Wales who have difficulties with basic literacy and numeracy through implementing ‘Words Talk, Numbers Count’; the Basic Skills Strategy for Wales.

  • Basic Skills Quality Mark

    The award by the Basic Skills Agency to schools and post-16 providers who provide evidence that they meet specifications in ten defined elements for teaching and developing basic skills.
  • BBC Skillswise

    This is the BBC’s adult literacy and numeracy website.

  • Beecham Report 2006

    Sir Jeremy Beecham's Review of Local Service Delivery in Wales.

  • Behavioural difficulties

    Disruptive and disturbing behaviour that can include hyperactivity and a lack of concentration.

  • Benchmark data

    This refers to the assessment information that schools use to compare their performance with that of other schools.

  • Better Schools Fund (BSF)

    Better Schools Fund provides targeted grant support for local authorities to help them to be innovative, share good practice and develop new initiatives to improve teaching, learning and the breadth of the curriculum.

  • Bilingualism

    The ability to speak, read and write in two languages. In Wales, bilingualism relates to Welsh and English, as the official languages of Wales. When we inspect bilingualism, we look at learners’ achievement in Welsh and English and the extent to which providers promote and develop learners’ bilingual skills. For further information, please refer to our guidance for each sector.

  • Business and enterprise skills

    These are the skills learners need to contribute to running a business effectively and to identify and put in place new business opportunities.