If a summary paragraph is used rather than two overall judgements how can leaders, staff, parents easily identify good schools?

The summary paragraph will provide a short summary of the inspection findings.  It will provide a clear, balanced indication of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.  Leaders, staff and parents will be able to judge and identify whether the school is good or not.  

In the new Common Inspection Framework, there is no longer a separate section and judgement on overall performance and on prospects for improvement as there is now.  However, the inspection team will report on overall standards and wellbeing, and aspects of leadership that relate to prospects for improvement, in the inspection report.  For example, issues that currently relate to prospects for improvement relate to the new Inspection Area 5 – leadership and management.  The team’s view on the capacity of the leadership to improve the school will be based primarily on how effective the processes are in the school for identifying areas to develop and for driving forward improvement in those areas.  The team will be interested in the extent to which leaders have a strong track record of making improvements and where they can see that it is having a real impact on pupil progress and wellbeing.