Frequently asked questions

Our school has a resource base. Will it be included in the inspection of the mainstream part of the school?

Each of our maintained school guidance handbooks contains an annex on the inspection of additional teaching resource based in mainstream schools. Read more >

I am a teacher in a school. It is the middle of an inspection and I have some concerns. What can I do?

In the first instance, talk to your nominee as they provide the best link to the inspection team. The nominee will discuss the matter with the reporting inspector. Read more >

Will the inspection team include Welsh-speaking inspectors to judge learners’ communication skills in Welsh?

Yes, there will be at least one inspector on each team who has sufficient skills in Welsh to judge the quality of pupils’ Welsh skills at the level appropriate for the ages of the pupils/learners. Read more >

Will inspectors be visiting or speaking to representatives of partner primary schools to judge whether the cluster arrangements are supporting the transition of pupils from key stage 2 to key stage 3?

Inspectors may contact partner primary schools, but it is unlikely as there should be enough evidence available at the school to judge whether the transition arrangements are improving continuity and Read more >

Can I access the notes of the lesson that the inspector completed during a lesson/session observation?

Inspectors evaluate and discuss the strengths and shortcomings in teaching that relate to all lessons/sessions observed, but do not complete separate lesson observation forms. Read more >

Will the work of support staff be assessed?

All staff play a role during an inspection week, not just those who are observed or interviewed. Read more >

Can teachers attend the parents’ meeting?

Any member of staff, who is also a parent of a child at the school, is welcome to attend the parents’ meeting. Read more >

What can a school or individual teacher do if they think any inspection judgement is unfair?

Neither the school nor a teacher can challenge judgments simply because they disagree with them. Read more >

Is there a ‘checklist’ of things teachers have to do to have their lesson graded as good/excellent?

No, Estyn does not have a checklist for teaching or a preferred methodology. The focus of a lesson observation is the impact of teaching strategies on learner progress. Read more >