Frequently asked questions

Will governors be interviewed during an inspection? Can that include teacher governors?

During an inspection, inspectors will meet with up to three representatives from the school’s governing body. Read more >

Can the briefing from the local authority include both a written report as well as an oral briefing during the inspection week?

No. The local authority’s assessment of the school’s performance (for example the most recent school categorisation report) should be in writing and known by the school. Read more >

Does Estyn have a legal right to scrutinise a provider’s staff appraisal and performance management systems?

The provider needs to demonstrate to the inspectors that its performance management systems are rigorous and are contributing effectively towards identifying training and development needs. Read more >

The school may collaborate with other schools/providers in the local authority to develop the expertise of staff. Will the inspection team need to contact any of these providers?

It is unlikely, as the inspection team will focus on the impact of this collaboration in the school inspected and this should be evidence in the evidence available in the school itself. Read more >

When should the documentation for our school/provider be submitted to the reporting inspector?

We will inform providers 15 working days before an inspection that inspectors will visit the school/provider. Read more >

As a school/provider, will we be able to see a pre-inspection commentary before the inspection starts?

No, the reporting inspector will consider the pre-inspection materials provided by the school/provider and will produce a few emerging questions for the inspection team. Read more >

Our school has a resource base. Will it be included in the inspection of the mainstream part of the school?

Each of our maintained school guidance handbooks contains an annex on the inspection of additional teaching resource based in mainstream schools. Read more >

I am a teacher in a school. It is the middle of an inspection and I have some concerns. What can I do?

In the first instance, talk to your nominee as they provide the best link to the inspection team. The nominee will discuss the matter with the reporting inspector. Read more >

Will the inspection team include Welsh-speaking inspectors to judge learners’ communication skills in Welsh?

Yes, there will be at least one inspector on each team who has sufficient skills in Welsh to judge the quality of pupils’ Welsh skills at the level appropriate for the ages of the pupils/learners. Read more >