Frequently asked questions

How much evidence of pupils’ work will inspectors want to see?

Inspectors will want to scrutinize a sample of pupils’ work. In most cases, they will ask to see a sample of work from pupils in specific year groups or subjects. Read more >

Do inspectors expect to see literacy, numeracy and ICT taught in every lesson?

Inspectors do not have literacy, numeracy and ICT boxes to tick whenever they observe lessons during inspections. Read more >

Will inspectors observe teachers for the whole lesson?

Normally, during a lesson observation, inspectors will stay for a reasonable length of time to gather the evidence they require. Read more >

Will inspectors observe all teachers in a school?

This will depend on the nature and size of the school inspected. In a small primary school, it is likely that inspectors will observe all the teachers. Read more >

As a headteacher, I cannot access or see my own Virtual Inspection Room

Go to, select ‘virtual inspection room’ and sign in. All of the sites you have access to will appear on the left hand side of the screen. Read more >

I cannot sign into the Virtual Inspection Room using the username and password provided.

Try copying and pasting your username and password into the signing-in fields. If it still does not work, please call your inspection co-ordinator. Read more >

Can governors attend the parents’ meeting?

Any governors with children who attend the school are welcome to attend the parents’ meeting. Read more >

Will governors be interviewed during an inspection? Can that include teacher governors?

During an inspection, inspectors will meet with up to three representatives from the school’s governing body. Read more >