Frequently asked questions

Who should receive basic level safeguarding training?

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Individual agencies are responsible for ensuring that all their staff are competent and confident to carry out their responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. There are Read more >

Who decides what safeguarding training staff should receive?

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It is the responsibility of the LSCB to oversee the training available to relevant agencies and their staff within a given area. Read more >

What is a Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)?

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Following Lord Laming’s inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie, the Children Act 2004 required all Local Authorities across England and Wales to set up a Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). Read more >

Who is responsible for safeguarding?

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The Lord Laming report (2003) emphasised that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. This means that in an education setting (including bodies such as Estyn), everyone should know who to Read more >

Is bullying a safeguarding issue or not?

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Safeguarding children and young people Under the Children Act 1989, a bullying incident should be addressed as a child protection concern when there is ‘reasonable cause to suspect that a child Read more >

What does the new definition of ‘regulated activity’ mean in relation to adult learners?

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The new definition of regulated activity relating to adults no longer labels adults as ‘vulnerable’. Read more >

So do volunteers need to be DBS checked?

It is not a person’s status as a volunteer, which determines whether or not they need to be subject to DBS and enhanced checks for regulated activities. Read more >

What does the new definition of ‘regulated activity’ mean in relation to children?

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The full, legal definition of regulated activity is set out in Schedule 4 of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, as amended (in particular by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012). Read more >

What does ‘safeguarding’ cover?

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All local authorities and education providers, including independent schools, have a statutory duty to exercise their functions with a view to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of their learners. Read more >

How will inspectors use the National School Categorisation System?

The Welsh Government uses a National School Categorisation System for all primary schools and secondary schools. Read more >