Frequently asked questions

Must students aged over 16 on work placements in schools and nurseries as part of the course have their DBS checks completed before they start?

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This depends on how the students are working while on placement. If the student’s placement meets the criteria for ‘regulated activity’ i.e. Read more >

Should Taxi Drivers have a DBS?

Recently there has been a legislative change, which allows taxi-licensing authorities to request an enhanced DBS check for all taxi-licensing applications. Previously, only drivers who carried out Read more >

Should Governors be DBS checked?

Prior to 10 September 2012, under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 school governors by virtue of their role were undertaking a regulated activity relating to children, and therefore Read more >

Should Trades and maintenance workers be DBS checked?

Following amendments made by the Protection of Freedoms Act, any paid work that is carried out in a specified place, which gives the worker the opportunity to have contact with children and which is Read more >

Should DBSs be renewed periodically?

Staff do not need to have a DBS check updated if they remain in continuous employment. Read more >

What does safe recruitment practice mean?

‘Safe recruitment’ means thinking about and including issues to do with child protection and safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children at every stage of the recruitment process. It starts Read more >

Is it illegal to ask an employee for a DBS check if it is not actually necessary?

Yes, under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, a person with a criminal record is not required to disclose any spent convictions unless the position they are applying for, or are currently Read more >

Which jobs/roles require a DBS check

From September 2012, the requirements for CRB checking have been revised. Under the terms of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 only employees who regularly have unsupervised contact with Read more >

Can school staff search a pupil?

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Section 45 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act, 2006, gives schools the powers to screen any pupil for a knife or other weapon without suspicion or consent. They can also search a pupil with or Read more >

Can school staff use face down prone restraint?

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In March 2005, the Welsh Assembly Government published guidance document: Framework for Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy and Practice. Read more >