Frequently asked questions

Does Estyn issue guidance about E-safety in schools?

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Estyn does not issue guidance for schools in any matters outside of inspection arrangements. Read more >

Does Estyn take account of how a school handles the identification of visitors, records DBS checks for staff?

Estyn has no specific expectations in how these aspects are managed at provider level. Read more >

Do schools have to log parents’ complaints?

Section 29 of the Education Act 2002 requires the governing bodies of all maintained schools in Wales to establish procedures for dealing with complaints and to publicise such procedures. There is Read more >

Who is responsible for investigating whistle blowers' claims?

Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (the Act), only a Prescribed Person can receive a disclosure and the protect the whistle blower. In Wales, only the following have Prescribed Person Read more >

What does whistle blowing mean?

Whistle-blowing disclosures The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (the Act) was introduced to protect employees who are worried about wrongdoing where they work and want to 'blow the whistle'. Read more >

Should an inspection team be told about any safeguarding investigations running at the time of an inspection?

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The answer to the question as ever depends upon the context at the time. Ordinarily staff disciplinary issues are confidential between the staff member and their employer. Read more >

What does grooming mean?

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Grooming refers to an adult’s behaviour, which has the sole purpose of gaining the trust of a child and/or adults in order to manipulate relationships so that sexual abuse can take place. Staff Read more >

How does Estyn inspect safeguarding when a provider subcontracts all its provision to other colleges or providers?

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It is the provider who is responsible for ensuring its subcontractors make the appropriate safeguarding arrangements. Read more >

What requirement is there on a work-based learning provider for 16-18 year olds to ensure that work-based learning supervisors have been DBS checked?

Training organisations or employers taking responsibility for non-employed under 18s on a long-term placement i.e. Read more >

Does Estyn expect employers with apprentices to undertake DBS checks?

It is not within Estyn’s inspection remit to require anything concerning DBS checks. Read more >