Frequently asked questions

To whom is Estyn accountable?

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Estyn is independent of the National Assembly for Wales, but it receives our funding from the Welsh Government. Read more >

What legislation gives Estyn its powers to inspect?

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Estyn receives funding from the Welsh Government under Section 104 of the Government of Wales Act 1998. Legislation determines the appointment, functions and powers of Her Majesty’s Chief Read more >

Where can I find directions to Estyn’s office?

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Our head office is in Cardiff. You can find a map and directions here. Read more >

What does Estyn do?

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Estyn inspects quality and standards in education and training providers in Wales. Estyn is responsible for inspecting: • Nursery schools and settings that are maintained by, or receive funding Read more >

What does Estyn mean?

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Estyn is a Welsh word and means ‘to reach’, ‘to stretch’ or ‘to extend’. Read more >