Frequently asked questions

Does Estyn collect any personal information on me when I submit a pre-inspection questionnaire?

We do not ask anyone to provide personal information when they submit a pre-inspection questionnaire, for example your name or address. We do not share individual responses with schools/providers. Read more >

What information will Estyn require from a local authority before the inspection of one of its schools?

We expect the local authority to provide us with a briefing about the school before the inspection begins, including their view of the school’s performance. Read more >

Why do judgements include descriptions such as ‘Adequate - needs to improve’ and ‘Unsatisfactory - needs urgent improvement’?

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We hope that this makes Estyn’s expectations clearer. We expect every school/provider to provide a good quality of education or training every day. Read more >

Does Estyn use any analysis of risk when determining which schools to inspect?

We do not currently use any analysis of risk when deciding on the schools we will inspect, though the Chief Inspector still has the power to call an inspection at any time, for example due to Read more >

Did a new seven-year inspection cycle start in September 2017?

No, the new seven-year inspection period started formally from September 2016. The new seven-year period increased the flexibility of when an inspection can occur within the seven-year period. Read more >

Will Estyn choose to inspect a school when it gets a new headteacher or when there has been a significant increase in the number of pupils on roll?

We select the schools using a broad range of criteria relating to size, location, language of instruction, urban and rural and so on. Read more >

Why is Estyn undertaking joint inspections of non-maintained nursery settings with CSSIW?

We are undertaking joint inspections with CSSIW in order to make the inspection of non-maintained nurseries more efficient and effective. Read more >

What is Estyn’s relationship to the Welsh Government?

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Estyn is the office of Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales. We are independent of, but funded by, the Welsh Government. Read more >

What is the difference between an HMI and a Registered Inspector or Registered Nursery Inspector?

An HM Inspector of Education and Training in Wales (HMI) is employed directly by Estyn. Read more >