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Governor working with pupils

Governing body help strengthen school improvement

Trinant Primary governors bring a variety of strengths and expertise to the school. The governing body are fully committed to school improvement and undertake their responsibilities seriously. Their work follows the school’s self-improvement toolkit and feeds into the school’s self-evaluation process. Training has had a positive impact on the effectiveness of the governing body. They have regular involvement in school life which allows them to work as part of a team and share a common goal in seeking a high level of success for pupils. Read more >

Teacher training

Improving professional development

Leaders at Little Stars Day Nursery use a skills matrix to identify individual and group training needs. This ensures a consistent approach across the nursery. New members of the team develop quickly and all practitioners strive to improve the performance of others. Staff are highly motivated to improve their skills which has a very positive impact on children’s outcomes. Staff are confident that their voice is heard, and this helps them feel valued and respected. Read more >

Teacher uses sign language with Pupil

School encourages caring and inclusive learning environment

Pupils at Cogan Primary School benefit from a positive learning environment. It helps pupils to feel secure and enhances their learning. The school provides specific help to pupils with hearing difficulties, and encourage pupils and staff to use signing and other visual communication tools on a daily basis. The school celebrates diversity and inclusion by giving pupils the opportunity to learn about different cultures and religions. Read more >