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Creating an innovative curriculum using the expressive arts

Mynydd Cynffig Primary School has placed expressive arts at the heart of developing an innovative curriculum. Capturing pupil’s interest and imagination, it has had a positive impact on their enjoyment of learning and improved teacher/pupil relationships as well as outcomes. Read more >

Creative strategies that encourage thinking and high attainment

Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd develop pupils’ thinking skills through philosophy and encourage creativity through improvised drama activities. Read more >

Using games to improve pupils’ literacy skills

Staff at Ysgol Parcyrhun have created a bank of differentiated games that provide opportunities for pupils to practice their oral, reading and writing skills on a daily basis. Read more >

Encouraging independent and inquisitive learners in the Foundation Phase

At Blaengwawr Primary School, consistent planning across the Foundation Phase ensures a child-centred learning environment and provides challenge for every pupil. Read more >

Developing oracy through self-assessment and new teaching strategies

Ysgol Gymraeg y Fenni has improved pupils’ oracy skills by re-visiting assessment procedures, teaching strategies and the opportunities that pupils have within the curriculum. Read more >

Working with external partners to develop pupils’ skills and talents

At St Mellon’s C.I.W Primary, pupils work with partner organisations like Welsh National Opera to raise pupils’ skills, wellbeing and aspirations. Read more >

Haberdashers skills

Improving pupils’ skills across the curriculum

Pupils at Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls benefit from a range of programmes employed across all year groups to improve their literacy, numeracy, ICT skills and project work. Read more >

Partnership approach ensures more able and talented pupils make a smooth transition into secondary school 

Partnership approach ensures more able and talented pupils make a smooth transition into secondary school

Dyffryn Aman cluster of primary schools, Carmarthenshire, have built a good working relationship with Dyffryn Aman Comprehensive School to ensure a smooth transition for pupils from primary to secondary school. Key to its success is the effective use and transfer of data, consistent tracking and monitoring of pupils progress, high expectations and parental support. Read more >

Governing body effectively holds school to account

Governing body effectively holds school to account

Governors at Ysgol Emmanuel clearly understand the school’s performance and the needs of pupils and staff, rigorously holding it to account for the standards it achieves. They have been allocated clear roles for specific aspects of the school's performance and play an active role in monitoring and evaluating standards. Read more >