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School develops innovative learning experience for pupils

Cogan Primary School has improved standards and wellbeing throughout the school. Their learning culture has given staff the confidence to share approaches that result in better learning opportunities for pupils. A buddy initiative allows pupils to share their work and discuss their enjoyment for learning. It also provides an efficient source of informal monitoring for teachers. Read more >


Celebrating diversity to support well-informed, responsible and tolerant pupils

Clytha Primary School encourages pupils to make decisions, to be inquisitive and think independently by challenging stereotypes in pupils’ attitudes, choices, expectations and achievements. The school has developed highly effective links with a range of organisations, including Stonewall Cymru, Paralympians and Wales for Peace in support of pupils’ personal development. The school uses visitors from the community and beyond to engage all pupils in reflecting on their values. This has empowered pupils to develop as well-informed, responsible and tolerant citizens very successfully. Read more >


Placing the rights of the child at the heart of curriculum development

Hafod Primary School develops pupils’ aspirations through shared values, including love, simplicity and tolerance. Pupils, who are from many diverse backgrounds, learn through an innovative curriculum that uses local resources and focuses on creative arts to improve skills. This case study represents the school’s curriculum development in relation to their progress in self-evaluation, planning and preparation and realising change. Read more >

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Creating dementia awareness through pupil interaction and community outreach

Since 2014, Llanfaes Community Primary School has collaborated with a nearby care home to raise awareness and understanding of dementia amongst its pupils. The school’s aim to create a dementia friendly generation has been recognised nationally by charitable organisations and the Welsh Government. Read more >

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Harnessing pupil voice to build effective anti-bullying strategies

Staff and pupils at Hendy County Primary School overhauled their anti-bullying policies, achieving a zero-tolerance environment in which all pupils feel safe and heard. Read more >

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Finding new ways to widen pupils’ experiences

Staff at Severn Primary School constantly look for new ways to expand pupils’ horizons and aspirations. Learning is enriched with external visits and visitors to the school. Read more >

Creating an engaging learning environment

Monkton Priory Community Primary School is a 'window on the world' for its pupils and the heart of a learning community based on equality, respect and doing your best. Read more >

Respecting rights

An inclusive ethos and culture promotes effective pupil participation

Hafod Primary School, Swansea, has developed a framework of values to promote citizenship, tolerance, and diversity. Pupils are taught to respect every individual’s rights. Teachers, governors and parents are all expected to adhere to the values and there has been a positive effect on the school community as a result. Read more >

Pupils’ life skills develop from their community work

Pupils’ life skills develop from their community work

Rydal Penrhos School, Conwy, fosters pupils’ sense of community and understanding of service to others from a very early age. Their extensive extra-curricular programme involves pupils in a wide range of community work, from working with charities to hosting tea parties for elderly residents. Read more >

Supporting vulnerable groups of pupils

Supporting vulnerable groups of pupils

Cathays High School, Cardiff, places great importance on tracking the progress and achievement of vulnerable groups of pupils such as those with English as an additional language. Over 63 different languages are spoken as a first language in pupils’ homes and 70% of pupils have English as an additional language. The school’s effective strategies to support all pupils’ achievement have had a clear impact on standards of education. Read more >