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Successful behaviours through reward-based programme

A reward-based programme that was trialled in the USA has been implemented in Aran Hall independent special school. The programme has helped the majority of pupils to manage their own behaviour successfully. As a result, pupils now attend school regularly and treat others with dignity and respect. Pupils have learnt how to use the community safely, and attend college and work experience placements. From this, pupils have gained relevant accreditation for their work. Read more >

Creating the culture for achievement

Creating the culture for achievement

Over the past six years, Headlands School in the Vale of Glamorgan has extended pupils’ opportunities and increased overall attainment. Through nurturing social and emotional skills in the classroom, strong partnerships with local schools and engaging with pupils’ aspirations a positive culture has been established in the school. Academic achievement is celebrated and is powerful motivator which has led to positive outcomes for the school. Read more >